What are the changes ahead of the energy sector in 2016?

On 31 December new act came into force prolonging the functioning of the present system of support for energy efficiency in the form of the so called white certificates until the end of this year, with an obligation of dismissing the certificates by the end of March of 2017. Non-dismissed certificates until this date may expire. The prosthesis accepted in haste by the government is an effect of delays in accepting in its entirety of the new act on energy efficiency by the previous government which-according to the assumptions of the former Minister of Economy-was supposed to be based on the auction system (preferred by the European Commission).

The Ministry of Energy tries to put a spoke in prosumers’ wheel – it wants to support the rich hobbyists

On the 11th March 2016 a meeting with Andrzej Piotrowski, a vice-minister of energy, was held which was devoted to matter concerning the support model of prosumer power engineering which makes use of renewable energy sources. The meeting was attended by, among others, representatives and partners of the “Więcej niż energia” movement, including Polish Photovoltaics Association and Institute for Renewable Energy, as well as representatives of The Consumers’ Association, installation companies and the banking sector.


The Frey’s Mill was built in the second part of the 19th century millwheel and was powered by the Biała Przemsza river which was dammed with a weir (which has been working until now) to make the flow of water stronger. In 1936, two turbines were installed in the facility. One of them was powering the mill while the other one was fuelling the nearby sawmill. At present, within the mill buildings a small hydroelectric plant was built using the old dam. The power plant generates electricity for its own use and for supply of the grid. The owner of the facility agreed to show students of postgraduate studies “The Prosumer Society – Prosumer Power Engineering” around. A meeting with such a prosumer who has the practical knowledge about energy market was a valuable experience for students. It was also a great opportunity for them to broaden their knowledge on this matter and examine the relationship between theory and practice.