On 4th December 2015 in Katowice, 28 Jagiellońska Street, at the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection in front of the Assembly Hall (level 1), there will be a possibility to meet Marcin Popkiewicz and buy his books: Rewolucja energetyczna. Ale po co? and Świat na rozdrożu.

The author of those books will be signing the available copies in person.



Rewolucja energetyczna. Ale po co? is a careful examination of the energy situation in the world and specifically in Poland, provided in a comprehensible form. The book resembles more of a detective fiction than the analytical work. Future is uncertain, and if we take a closer look, we are able to see that the danger is real and horrifying. There are villains in the book who are holding the power and acting for their own benefits, contrary to the general interests. However, new forces appear in order to try to stop the disaster from happening. Will they overcome the accumulated obstacles and save the world?

What makes the story even more poignant is the fact that it is not actually a fiction, because world’s future is really at stake. If we do not change our habits, we are going to pay a high price for it. On the other hand, Rewolucja energetyczna provides a consistent vision of better future for energy, society, economy and environment. We must however choose wisely.

This book is a guideline to get us going as if the future of the world would depend on this. And indeed it does.




The problems of economy, energy and environment are so closely related to one another that they cannot be solved separately.

And this is what this book is all about – it presents a variety of aspects concerning our reality and it integrates them into a meaningful whole. After reading Świat na rozdrożu you will understand the relations between remote areas. You will also learn about great changes that are bound to happen and why the world will be a completely different place than it is right now…

If you are one of those people who want to comprehend and consciously shape the world, and to prepare for the upcoming changes, this book will be like a great adventure for you. It is the greatest story of our times or perhaps even of the entire history of human kind.